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13 November 2006 @ 11:54 pm
November Update

Okay - so, I'm making some slight changes to the community.

* From here on out, posts on the website can only be made by me.
* Nominations will be left in an unscreened post that will be made at the beginning of the week.
* There will be TEN categories chosen at random each week that you can nominate icons for.
* You may nominate AS MANY ICONS AS YOU'D LIKE for any of the categories selected.
* This is not a requirement, moreof a request...if you nominate an icon maker...let them know. I'm sure they'll appreciate it!
* Nominations are not limited to one comment. If you see some you like today, and more tomorrow...make two comments!
* Feel free to start saving icons even if they don't fit into one of the 10 categories from this week. Eventually they'll be covered, I'm sure!
* Please -try- to nomiate for all 10 categories provided. It's not required, but it makes it so that we have to vote in all categories! :)
* Above all - HAVE FUN!
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