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be someone's hero...
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Welcome, welcome! We're so glad that you're here and hope that you'll stick around for a while. There are some really great Heroes icons out there. Why not give them a little bit of recognition? These icon makers work very very hard to make awesome icons for you to enjoy...I'm sure they'd love a nod every now and then! Please make sure to read the rules below, and then start nominating your favorite Heroes icons today!
The Ever Dreaded...RULES
♥ All icons nominated must be in LJ format. This means that they must be under 40k, and 100x100 pixels or less.
♥ For each icon that you nominate that you make, you must nominate at LEAST one icon by another icon maker.
♥ Icons can be nominated in any or all of the 8 categories.
♥ Nomination weeks run from Tuesday to Saturday. Voting is on Sunday and Monday. Winners and banners will be posted before the new nomination process goes live on Tuesday.
♥ Please do not place icons behind a cut so that we can see all of the beautiful heroes-ness that LJ has to offer!
♥ Since this is a LIVEJOURNAL community, only icons posted on LIVEJOURNAL may be nominated. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
♥ You can only nominate one icon per category per week. EXCEPTION: If there are not enough entries by the end of the week...I'll post a second batch of icons that I've nominated so that there's a little bit of a challenge.
Clarification on Rules/Nomination/Awards Process
When you make nominations, you want to do so as a new post, the same way that I did here when I posted my nominations. The only information that I need is the icon itself, and the icon maker’s name. I paid for my photobucket account, so I have unlimited space and bandwidth…I’ll upload them to my Photobucket account prior to posting the voting. This makes is so that I’m not hotlinking off of anybody. :) The categories are kind of like for an awards show. We have the categories, and then we’ll have however many nominations there are. So, if 5 icons are nominated in the ‘Characters’ category, then when I post the voting, I’ll put the 5 icons, and we, as a community, will vote to decide which one is best (I’ll probably do this via Poll instead of via comments.) There isn’t a specified number of nominations for a particular category. If there’s only one nominated icon in a particular category, it’ll automatically win…otherwise we’ll go through the voting process. After the voting period ends, I’ll post the winners, and the nomination process starts all over again the next week.
Categories for Nominations
COLORFUL - Best use of color.
SELECTIVE - Best use of selective coloring.
SHIPS - Best use of any pairing.
BOXED IN - Best use of a box brush/format for an icon.
CHARACTER - Best use of any one character.
FUNNY HAHA - Best use of comedy
ELITE - Best overall.
HEROES - Best icon showcasing a particular character's ability. thanks to 1_crazy_redhead!
SPECIAL - Best icon falling into the specified category for a week.

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